Icsa 2017
Sep 7th to 10th, 2017
Graz, Austria


ICSA 2017

4th International Conference on Spatial Audio
September 7th to 10th, 2017, Graz, Austria

Thank you for attending ICSA 2017!

Even more visitors than last time enjoyed the listening experiences, lectures, and applications of immersive audio

Read here our conference report with many photos!

Spatial audio production has gained increased interest in the recent years. ICSA 2017 was the ideal platform for discussing and spreading the latest progress in spatial audio technology and applications. Again be held at the IEM in Graz, visitors had the opportunity to delve deeply into spatial sound and audio for two and a half days.

At ICSA, experts discussed latest developments, research results, productions and compositions. In addition to the scientific lecture program, impressive demonstrations in an extraordinary listening environment and with binaural playback on headphones, a student 3D audio production competition, a compact exhibition and comprehensive usage reports gave plenty of listening opportunities.

The ICSA was targeted at:

  • Tonmeisters and Sound Engineers / Designers
  • Pro Audio Researchers
  • Electro-Acoustics Engineers
  • Audio and Sound-Reinforcement Professionals
COPYRIGHT: Markus Kaiser, Graz / Photo shows the MUMUTH, Kunstuniversitaet Graz

ICSA offers


  • HRTF Measurement / Evaluation
  • Directivity / Arts
  • Loudspeaker Applications
  • Ambisonics
  • Virtual Reality
  • Psychoacoustics / Hearing
  • 3D Audio Production / Distribution


  • A packed program with nearly 50 papers, workshops and demos, his year with extra focus on binaural playback on headphones
  • Europe’s First Student 3D Audio Production Competition
  • Several 3D audio reproduction setups inlcuding binaural play back over 120 headphones
  • Ambisonics Summer School 2017 following ICSA

The ICSA Conference Chairs

Prof. Dr. Alois Sontacchi

Prof. Dr. Alois Sontacchi

Vice Chair of the IEM; Professor for Acoustics and Audio Technology

Dr.-Ing. Günther Theile

Dr.-Ing. Günther Theile

Member of the VDT Executive Board; co-chair of the VDT the Program Committee

Dr. Franz Zotter

Dr. Franz Zotter

Teacher and scientist at IEM with focus on compact spherical loudspeaker arrays; chair of the TC “Virtual Acoustics” at DEGA

Dr. Matthias Frank

Dr. Matthias Frank

Teacher and scientist at IEM with focus on spatial sound reproduction and recording

 Markus Zaunschirm

Markus Zaunschirm

Teacher and scientist at IEM with focus on Sound Engineering

Europe’s First Student 3D Audio Production Competition

Enjoy the results of this very first 3DAP Competition during the ICSA!

With the recent technological 3D audio revolutions, academic discussion also begins to focus on what touches us the most: the audio content, story, and aesthetics that can be conveyed by the 3D Audio Technologies. This shifts the focus of the next-generation, enthusiastic students, not only comanding the technology but also working in a more content-related style on a medium that allows for re-performing, dissemination or broadcasting.

Enjoy the results of Europe’s first Student 3D Audio Production Competition during the ICSA! You can listen to the Nominee Productions and be part of the Finals which are offered in six compact sessions in the three categories:

  1. Contemporary Music / Computer Music
  2. Audio Drama / Documentary
  3. Music Recording

Ambisonics Summer School 2017

A Compact Presentation of In-depth Ambisonics Principles and Practice

September 11th to 13th, 2017, Graz, Austria
Right after the ICSA in Graz, the IEM offers continuing education courses to professionals and students through its Ambisonics Summer School. The Summer School illustrates technical and psychoacoustic principles in Ambisonics. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to broaden the newly acquired knowledge in the three dedicated topics of Ambisonics Recording and Production, Do-It-Yourself Head Tracker and dynamic binaural synthesis in Ambisonics, and Spatialization using Cubical and Icosahedral Loudspeaker Arrays.


Theater im Palais
Leonhardstraße 15
8010 Graz

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